5 Things to Help You Get Noticed on LinkedIn

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As a recruiter, I use Linkedin every day to search for candidates and to post our jobs. If you’re looking for a job (no matter the level) you should absolutely do these 5 things immediately:

(1) Update your preferences to say “Open to New Opportunities”. No one will see this except those with Linkedin Recruiter access (ie recruiters!). You will get pushed to the top of their searches if you are open to new opportunities
(2) Make your contact information visible – either put your email and/or phone in your profile or upload your resume to your profile. It makes it very easy for us to contact you and you won’t have to worry about missing a Linkedin message
(3) Update your preferences so that you get emails if you get a linkedin message
(4) Make sure your profile is updated. Make it look like your resume and feel free to include a nice summary of who you are so that the recruiter can get to know you a little better before reaching out
(5) I always recommend adding a profile picture. Usually this is a sign that the individual is active on Linkedin

So once your profile is updated what do you do? We encourage you to start building your network. Reach out to fellow alumni, colleagues, former business partners, etc. Get creative with building your network, yet be smart about who you’re asking to connect with. You could land your next job due to one of your connections on Linkedin…you never know! Good luck!

-Allison Kolmer, Drum Associates

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