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Recruiting College Athletes to Wall Street

Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Drum Associates Carly Drum-O'Neill discusses the business benefit of participating in college sports with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Recognize this one thing and it will get you where you need to go

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As you’re reading this, think about someone you’re close to – a colleague, your boss, a direct report, or hey – maybe your spouse or in-laws. If you were to explain them in a few words, what would you say and how would you say it?

I can almost guarantee you that you’d start with the good stuff: “My boss is easy to talk to, receptive to new ideas, creative…” and then you’d go on to say “BUT he/she lacks technical skills”. No one is perfect, and everyone has some area of weakness or as I like to call it “a development opportunity”.

Now step back for a moment and answer this: How would others describe you?

In my years as a human resources professional within a large investment bank, I came across many candidates and employees who never saw their “but” (or their development opportunity). And those were the people who failed – either they never got hired or if they did, they didn’t last due to poor performance (usually lacking teamwork skills or listening skills).

So let’s go back – what is your BUT? If someone had to describe you, how would they describe you professionally – both the strengths and development opportunities? This exercise will let you see what areas you need to improve upon to grow, strengthen, and advance in your career. It will give you self-awareness. If you are currently looking for a job and have had a hard time finding one after going through many interviews, step back and really think about if you have this sense of self-awareness. Can you see yourself as others see you from the outside? How would you evaluate yourself? The more self-awareness you have, the better you will be at interviewing, performing your day-to-day tasks, and working with others in a team environment. Here are my tips on how to be more self-aware:

– Before answering a question, take a second and think about how you should respond. Don’t rush through your answers. BE HONEST and natural.
– Before speaking up in a meeting or conversation, make sure you are not interrupting someone and make sure your comments are on topic. Be aware of your tone.
– Don’t ramble! Being self-aware also means being able to realize when you’re done speaking.
– When getting dressed for work or for an interview, ask yourself if what you’re wearing is appropriate.
– Are you actually listening to what others are saying?
– Be aware of your surroundings. Recognize the culture and attitude around you and adapt or respect it, as necessary.
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being self-aware means you can recognize your shortcomings. Work to strengthen those skills so you won’t need to ask for help again.

-Allison Kolmer, Drum Associates

5 Things to Help You Get Noticed on LinkedIn

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As a recruiter, I use Linkedin every day to search for candidates and to post our jobs. If you’re looking for a job (no matter the level) you should absolutely do these 5 things immediately:

(1) Update your preferences to say “Open to New Opportunities”. No one will see this except those with Linkedin Recruiter access (ie recruiters!). You will get pushed to the top of their searches if you are open to new opportunities
(2) Make your contact information visible – either put your email and/or phone in your profile or upload your resume to your profile. It makes it very easy for us to contact you and you won’t have to worry about missing a Linkedin message
(3) Update your preferences so that you get emails if you get a linkedin message
(4) Make sure your profile is updated. Make it look like your resume and feel free to include a nice summary of who you are so that the recruiter can get to know you a little better before reaching out
(5) I always recommend adding a profile picture. Usually this is a sign that the individual is active on Linkedin

So once your profile is updated what do you do? We encourage you to start building your network. Reach out to fellow alumni, colleagues, former business partners, etc. Get creative with building your network, yet be smart about who you’re asking to connect with. You could land your next job due to one of your connections on Linkedin…you never know! Good luck!

-Allison Kolmer, Drum Associates

Parents re-entering the workforce

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I share interesting articles through social media often but rarely create my own content. With that said, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on a specific topic as it is the source of almost daily inquiries both professionally and personally.
“Parents re-entering the workforce after taking time out of the corporate world to spend time with or raise their children”
My goal is simple; empower and give confidence to one of the many Moms or Dads who is putting back on “corporate attire” after years of those suits being in the back of the closet.
Anyone who has been out of work or has ever looked for employment knows that interviewing and finding the right role is a difficult task and often intimidating. Parents re-entering the workforce often come to me feeling insecure or “unqualified” and it literally breaks my heart.
Please remind yourself of the following when entering your job interview:
– You are a better version of you than prior to children. Remember the confidence you once had in the workplace and understand that you should be 10x more secure now.
– You are constantly learning new skills in an ever changing environment which translates into your ability to adapt when re-entering the workforce.
– Your time management skills are much improved…you can get done in a day what takes most a month.
– You are a multi-tasking expert.
– Your people management skills are far stronger after children.
– Your patience has improved 1000% (even though it might not feel like it) as it is tested daily!
– You’ve learned how to efficiently and effectively “put out fires”.
– You could run circles around office politics now that you have had to deal with your kids “school politics” , “town sports politics”, “child’s friends politics”, “town social scenes”, the list is endless.
– Your “research skills” are at an all- time high.
– Your work ethic has reached a level once unimaginable.
– Let’s not forget perseverance, solution-oriented, perfect attendance record, budgetary responsibilities, board responsibilities, ability to wear “many hats”, ability to operate on little sleep and still operate like the “energizer bunny”, etc.
The list could go on forever SO PLEASE be confident in the invaluable experience you’ve gained as a parent which has enhanced your ability to be a valued employee!
And here’s the bonus….when you rejoin the corporate world in a management role you typically don’t have to ask your team to do things more than 2-3 times before they realize you are speaking to them :)

-Carly Drum-O’Neill, Drum Associates

New Package now available: March Sadness

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March Madness has officially turned into March Sadness at Drum Associates. Let me set the scene: Carly Drum, thanks to her husband Mike, has a family that is die-hard for Villanova. Apparently, this passion for Villanova even made its way to Brian Drum, founder of Drum Associates. Allison Kolmer, a Villanova alum who lives right near campus, is an obvious Nova supporter. Then, there is myself, a Duke Basketball alum who knows there is only one shade of blue. March started off exciting amongst the four of us, with the hopes of a possible Villanova/Duke match up in The Garden. Well…that quickly changed when Villanova lost in the first round to the Wisconsin Badgers. Needless to say, 3/4 of us were devastated. But, there was one member of Drum Associates who thought that March Madness looked a bit easier for the Blue Devils, but boy was I wrong. Duke shortly fell to South Carolina in their second-round match up. With all four of us being career coaches, Drum Associates may need to think about offering a new coaching package dedicated to all the other grieving fans out there whose team lost unexpectedly early. To all of our grieving fans, visit our website and look for the package titled “March Sadness” and if you can’t find that one, please take a look at the other packages we offer ! Also, feel free to tweet at us @DrumAssociates sharing your thoughts/biggest upsets in the tournament so far! #MarchMadness or #MarchSadness

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

Drum Family

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Part Three of blog series by Tricia Liston discussing her path from moving on from her athletic career to a corporate career.

Drum Associates has been a family run business since it started in 1967. It was made very apparent upon joining the Drum team that this was the case. Both Brian Drum and his daughter Carly, pride themselves in being family oriented while still being successful. Over the years, they have established a company that is based on trust, strong work ethic and excellence. Brian and Carly have not only led the way by example, but surrounded themselves with a team that shares the same principles and desire to succeed through helping others. All of the people at Drum genuinely enjoy what they do and who they do it with. With so much knowledge and experience in the business world, career coaching was something the Drums do naturally. Carly, Brian and other members of Drum Associates have started a division within the company dedicated to helping coach people in their careers. This is something that all of the coaches are passionate about doing because it gives us the chance to work with individuals, build personal relationships and see real progress in their clients’ career. Being a part of helping others succeed is something that Drum Associates is very proud of.

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

Duke to WNBA to Drum

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Part Two of blog series by Tricia Liston discussing her path from moving on from her athletic career to a corporate career.

Once I had officially proclaimed that I was finished with basketball, I was at ease with myself and felt confident in my decision. By no means am I saying everything was easy and perfect, but, the stress and guilt were put behind me and I knew I had to find my next challenge. For me, this meant a summer off to clear my mind. Summer quickly ended and I became bored, which is a common emotion amongst athletes. I was ready to find out what I wanted to face next. After days of googling random things, I remembered an article my dad sent me during my senior year at Duke. It was about a successful business woman who loved and appreciated Division I athletes and thought that they make great hires after their athletic careers. It described a strong woman who was comfortable in a position of power and a woman who was paving her own way in the world of business. Her name was Carly Drum. I got in touch with Carly, and from that point on, she has been a mentor to me. Every conversation we had, I could hear the passion and excitement that she had for her line of work. Throughout our many conversations, she made my future seem less scary and I felt I finally had a new sense of direction. She helped me display my talents and skills effectively on my resume. She taught me how to really show and vocalize how my athletic experience has set me up for a successful future. I learned many things solely by listening to her background, experience and work ethic. These conversations with Carly gave me an insight of what it takes and how to achieve the most in my career. After forming a relationship with Carly, I was lucky enough to be able to join her team at Drum Associates.

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

The Question Everyone Wanted to Know

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Drum Associates’ new blog series by Tricia Liston discussing her path from moving on from her athletic career to a corporate career.

“Are you still playing basketball?” (I have played basketball my whole life, 24 years; at Duke and professionally in the WNBA as well as overseas.) In the last year, this was a question that I could not go a day without hearing. It’s a question I had heard my whole life, but it was particularly hard and confusing for me to hear it this past year. I, in my head, had decided that I was officially done playing basketball but had not moved on to another job nor had I declared this decision out loud. Looking back on it, I think it was because I was not sure how people would react. What would they say? What would they think of me? Would people close to me be angry? So, every time I heard the question, I would beat around the bush. Basketball was all I knew and I had no idea what came next. It was such a confusing time for me as it is for all other athletes who eventually move on in their lives away from their respective sports. There are so many emotions and thoughts that go through our heads. After all, we are putting something behind us that we dedicated our whole life to up until this very moment. Everyone comes to a point in their lives where they make a huge life decision or a pivotal change in their career path and it is one of the most difficult and intimidating things in life. There is no way around it but I have come to learn that the most powerful thing you can do is to be confident in yourself and your decisions and to keep moving forward.

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

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