Drum Family

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Part Three of blog series by Tricia Liston discussing her path from moving on from her athletic career to a corporate career.

Drum Associates has been a family run business since it started in 1967. It was made very apparent upon joining the Drum team that this was the case. Both Brian Drum and his daughter Carly, pride themselves in being family oriented while still being successful. Over the years, they have established a company that is based on trust, strong work ethic and excellence. Brian and Carly have not only led the way by example, but surrounded themselves with a team that shares the same principles and desire to succeed through helping others. All of the people at Drum genuinely enjoy what they do and who they do it with. With so much knowledge and experience in the business world, career coaching was something the Drums do naturally. Carly, Brian and other members of Drum Associates have started a division within the company dedicated to helping coach people in their careers. This is something that all of the coaches are passionate about doing because it gives us the chance to work with individuals, build personal relationships and see real progress in their clients’ career. Being a part of helping others succeed is something that Drum Associates is very proud of.

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

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