Duke to WNBA to Drum

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Part Two of blog series by Tricia Liston discussing her path from moving on from her athletic career to a corporate career.

Once I had officially proclaimed that I was finished with basketball, I was at ease with myself and felt confident in my decision. By no means am I saying everything was easy and perfect, but, the stress and guilt were put behind me and I knew I had to find my next challenge. For me, this meant a summer off to clear my mind. Summer quickly ended and I became bored, which is a common emotion amongst athletes. I was ready to find out what I wanted to face next. After days of googling random things, I remembered an article my dad sent me during my senior year at Duke. It was about a successful business woman who loved and appreciated Division I athletes and thought that they make great hires after their athletic careers. It described a strong woman who was comfortable in a position of power and a woman who was paving her own way in the world of business. Her name was Carly Drum. I got in touch with Carly, and from that point on, she has been a mentor to me. Every conversation we had, I could hear the passion and excitement that she had for her line of work. Throughout our many conversations, she made my future seem less scary and I felt I finally had a new sense of direction. She helped me display my talents and skills effectively on my resume. She taught me how to really show and vocalize how my athletic experience has set me up for a successful future. I learned many things solely by listening to her background, experience and work ethic. These conversations with Carly gave me an insight of what it takes and how to achieve the most in my career. After forming a relationship with Carly, I was lucky enough to be able to join her team at Drum Associates.

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

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