How to Have an Effective Performance Discussion (Part 2)

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As promised in last week’s blog, today I’m sharing tips on how to have an effective performance discussion, from the employee’s perspective. Being the receiver of performance feedback is a very difficult role, and I hope that the below tips can help you prepare and be an active contributor during the conversation. Remember, you want this to be a discussion so I encourage you to participate as much as you can!

(1) Participate. Be an active contributor to the discussion, don’t be afraid to share your feedback and comments.
(2) Bring a list of Questions. This is the formal time where you can get any questions off your chest about your role on the team. Discuss the roles and responsibilities and how your accomplishments compare to the goals that were set out for you.
(3) Set Expectations. This is a great time to discuss the future. Specifically, promotion or expansion of responsibilities. Be sure to express your 12-month and 24-month goals. And ask your manager how you can be in a position to get promoted to the next level.
(4) Don’t be afraid to disagree. If you disagree with feedback or a rating, handle it in a professional way. Have supporting evidence as to why you disagree. Mention specific accomplishments that would counter the feedback from your manager. Just remember to handle it in a very mature way, you don’t want to come across the wrong way.
(5) Be prepared to hear some hard truths. Enter this conversation with an open mind. Remember that constructive feedback is a wonderful thing that your manager can give you. It’s your opportunity to get someone else’s perspective on your work. Work with your manager to overcome any challenges or weaknesses that you may have.

-Allison Kolmer, Drum Associates

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