Parents re-entering the workforce

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I share interesting articles through social media often but rarely create my own content. With that said, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on a specific topic as it is the source of almost daily inquiries both professionally and personally.
“Parents re-entering the workforce after taking time out of the corporate world to spend time with or raise their children”
My goal is simple; empower and give confidence to one of the many Moms or Dads who is putting back on “corporate attire” after years of those suits being in the back of the closet.
Anyone who has been out of work or has ever looked for employment knows that interviewing and finding the right role is a difficult task and often intimidating. Parents re-entering the workforce often come to me feeling insecure or “unqualified” and it literally breaks my heart.
Please remind yourself of the following when entering your job interview:
– You are a better version of you than prior to children. Remember the confidence you once had in the workplace and understand that you should be 10x more secure now.
– You are constantly learning new skills in an ever changing environment which translates into your ability to adapt when re-entering the workforce.
– Your time management skills are much improved…you can get done in a day what takes most a month.
– You are a multi-tasking expert.
– Your people management skills are far stronger after children.
– Your patience has improved 1000% (even though it might not feel like it) as it is tested daily!
– You’ve learned how to efficiently and effectively “put out fires”.
– You could run circles around office politics now that you have had to deal with your kids “school politics” , “town sports politics”, “child’s friends politics”, “town social scenes”, the list is endless.
– Your “research skills” are at an all- time high.
– Your work ethic has reached a level once unimaginable.
– Let’s not forget perseverance, solution-oriented, perfect attendance record, budgetary responsibilities, board responsibilities, ability to wear “many hats”, ability to operate on little sleep and still operate like the “energizer bunny”, etc.
The list could go on forever SO PLEASE be confident in the invaluable experience you’ve gained as a parent which has enhanced your ability to be a valued employee!
And here’s the bonus….when you rejoin the corporate world in a management role you typically don’t have to ask your team to do things more than 2-3 times before they realize you are speaking to them 🙂
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-Carly Drum-O’Neill, Drum Associates

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