The Competitive Edge

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Being competitive is not something that can be taught. Most athletes were born with this competitive edge or developed it over time as they grew up in their respective sports. It is something that drives us to find a way to be successful, no matter what adversity we face. This is just one of many reasons why athletes have been and will continue to be very successful when entering the work force after their days of playing are done. Athletes know and understand the process of things; that practice makes your performance better and that things are not given to you if you don’t work hard for them. They welcome a challenge and very seldom back down from one. They have experienced failure and know how to handle it and move forward. Although the initial transition from the field to the office will be completely new, most athletes, because of their competitive nature, will not only make it work but will succeed. Being competitive is a trait that is transferable from the court/field into the office, and it is an invaluable trait to have. So, for all of the athletes out there who are soon to enter the office, embrace your competitive nature, welcome the new task ahead, and be confident in what you have learned through your sport.

-Tricia Liston, Drum Associates

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